Catalyst for Health Medical Clinic

Catalyst: a person or thing that causes a change

The name for our clinic was inspired by a small not-for-profit organization helping children and their families from the City of Rach Gia in Southern Vietnam. Catalyst for Hope has made it possible for adopting families and adoptees from Vietnam to give back and offer hope for a better life to families living in varied parts of Vietnam. The catalytic effects created by this group have led, not only to schooling, improved safety as well as better health and nutrition.

Specializing in Electrodiagnostic, Physical and Functional Medicine

Dr. Daniel LeBlond

Dr. Marcin Partyka

Dr. George Deng

Dr. Darren Gumbs

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation / Electrodiagnostic Medicine

Dr. Meg Simpson

Functional Medicine

Our Specialists

To be seen in consultation for
Electrodiagnostic testing and
Musculoskeletal conditions or Spasticity
you must be referred by a medical practitioner

To see Dr. Simpson in consultation for Functional Medicine you may self-refer by contacting the clinic